Natal foundations consists of 6 E-learning modules filled to the brim with useful

information to enhance your practice.

Our E-Learning modules fully prepare you for any face to face teaching modules you attend and are broken down into bite size chunks.

Sarah and Hannah talk about who they are, what they do and why they are doing what they are doing.

This module also covers some important milestones in postnatal provision over the past few years. Lots of links to articles, documents and guidelines.

Its hards to know where to start with this population. We will guide you through the important bits within the E-learning


A whole section dedicated to the pelvic floor. An informative module that will facilitate your practice regardless of your area of work.

Approx 25% of mums will have a C-Section. This is an entire section dedicated to the abdomen and beyond.

Of course we had to put this section in. Its super important. Once you have completed this module, you will understand why.

Real business advice from women in business. Talking the talk AND walking the walk. We share with you business advice, strategies and tried and tested methods.

We are absolutely passionate about educating and enabling

MORE Health & Fitness

Professionals to work with the natal

population. Our passion comes across in our teaching and our

courses will be FUN, interactive and provide you take home

information there and then for you to apply within your scope of


Samples from our E-learning modules

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